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Facebook Account Hacks

In this last few months I have noticed a few of my friends mention that their Facebook account have been hacked. Unfortunately this isn’t anything new and it won’t stop anytime soon, unless YOU actually do something about it and change a few habits to make it harder for the guys wearing the black hats (the unethical hackers) to gain access to your information and online accounts.

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Of course, you know what the first thing is I’m going to tell you……

Change your password to a really good one and don’t use it anywhere else.  However, i have something else to suggest you do first, and I will come back to this point.

I’m sure you have been told never to use the same password on more that one website.  To be honest though, who can remember all those different passwords and how do you come up with a really strong, also called “High Entropy“, password anyway? The answer is pretty simple actually.  The trick is not to try and think of one yourself and then try to remember it yourself, nor should you be writing them down, and PLEASE, I beg of you, never save them in a text document called passwords, or anything else for that matter. 

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I generated the above 100 character, extremely strong password, in less than 10 seconds. I’ve been using LastPass to LastPass Download Linkhelp me manage my passwords so that I have a different, very strong, password for every site and multiple accounts on a site. It makes browsing easier and more secure and it’s really simple to use!  You can get it at .  LastPass is an Password Manager that you use to generate, and securely store all your passwords in one place, secured by a single Master Password. This master password is the only one you will have to remember. The only catch is…… Well, not a catch really.  You know that I mentioned you have to change a few habits….   make sure you have never used this master password anywhere else on the internet with the email address associated with LastPass, otherwise, you will still be at risk.

Continue reading below this video introducing you to LastPass…

LastPass makes things really easy for you.  But if you have any questions about how to get stuff done, feel free to comment on this post and I will help you out.  You can, if you prefer, have a look at their tutorial videos and Frequently Asked Questions section or help pages.

Now, let me give you another site where you can go and generate a really good password. Go have a look at Steve Gibson ‘s Ultra High Entropy Pseudo-Random Number Generator.  You remember that long password at the beginning of this post? copy and paste that into Steve’s site and see how long it would take for a hacker to brute force.

Coming back to Facebook.

I would recommend you change your Facebook password and any other website that uses the same password. What the Black Hats do is when they manage to get into one of your accounts, they will then first try banks and other important websites to try and match emails and passwords. Then they will go to other social media sites and try and get in to them. After that, they might also create fake accounts to pose as you and ask your friends to add you. They then send out a personalized message to your friends and have a link in the message to a site with embedded malicious software. Basically, by allowing a Black Hat into your life, you have just made it so much easier for them to hack your friends with a new fishing attack.

If you have read everything up to here, I congratulate you for it and want to say thank you as well.  Now don’t forget to take action.

  1.  Get Lastpass and keep your unique Master Password safe.
  2.  Start changing your passwords and let LastPass remember them for you
  3.  Please subscribe to this blog for the next steps to keeping your personal details, personal.

Thanks again for reading my blog

Stay safe





Online Security

I have recently become more interested in Online Security.  I suppose it is a healthy subject to follow due to how vulnerable we are in the online world.

A big influence on me at the moment is a guy called Steve Gibson.  He has a podcast on the Leo Laporte‘s network called Security Now. Twit has a wide variety of shows you can subscribe to in both video and audio.

Steve Gibson‘s site is, which is the home for SpinRite (of which I’m a proud owner) which is Steve’s bread and butter, but Steve is also a brilliant programmer and have many free bits of software on his for you to make use of to ensure you keep yourself safe online.

If you are not already familiar with SpinRite’s more than two decade history of seemingly miraculous data recovery, or if you are not sure SpinRite is for you, please take a few minutes to read some true-life stories from SpinRite’s users.

His latest creation is a tiny program called Never10. Never 10 is an easy to use utility which gives users control over whether their Windows 7 or 8.1 will upgrade itself to Windows 10.  Steve wrote this for people who got so fed up with Microsoft pushing it’s latest Windows 10 version, but could not do anything about windows downloading the installation files for Windows 10.  The elegance of this “Never 10” utility, is that it does not install ANY software of its own. It simply and quickly performs the required system editing for its user.

If you are even slightly interested in internet security, I would urge you to subscribe to my blog and have a look at Steve’s website and the Twit network for more.

Who is Steve Gibson

What is SpinRite

What is Never10

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