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Tired of losing your keys, wallet,dog…

Locate anything in seconds with your iPhone or Android.


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I received my pack of 4 about 2 weeks ago now and I love it. I put 1 on my car keys, 1 inside my wallet, I gave 1 away and I have 1 more spare that i’m still deciding on what to attach it to.

I have read reviews about other tracking devices and the Trackr Bravo stood out above the others. I would encourage you to go and have a look at the Trackr Website and see for yourself why I made the choice to purchase the Trackr Bravo.

Another nice thing about getting yours using the link above, you will be entitled to an extra Trackr, completely free.


Above is a picture of one of my Trackrs attached to my keys.

How it Works

Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item – then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring a missing item around the home or be notified before leaving things behind.

Lost your phone? Press the button on your TrackR device to ring your missing phone, Even on Silent Mode!

TrackR’s Crowd GPS Network even updates you of your item’s latest location on a map! Watch the video below to learn more!

Listed below are a few of its features

Distance Indicator

Hotter? Colder? The TrackR app displays the distance between you and your items – letting you know how far those pesky keys are

Item Ringer

With the quick tap of your finger, TrackR can ring your misplaced keys – no more hiding under the mail! Finding keys has never been easier.

Phone Finder

Can’t find your phone? Press your TrackR device’s button to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent! We make finding your phone too easy.

Crowd GPS

Lost something? TrackR’s item tracking network will help you find it. When a TrackR user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update.

Separation Alerts

Forgot your phone again? Custom 2-way separation alert notifies you before you leave items behind!

Wallet Thin Design

TrackR bravo uses beautiful anodized aluminum construction for the thinnest and most durable tracking device.

Easy to track your things

TrackR has an app for both iPhone and your Android smartphone. The beautiful application allows you to easily track your lost items so you can always stay connected with your most beloved things.

To wrap up and put it simply – I love it.  Check it out


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