My name is Bernie Hough.  (You might have guessed that part, but hey, that’s how I introduce myself) The first question that might spring to mind when you read my name is…. how the hell do you pronounce you surname…. well, that opens up a whole new can of worms.  You see, I’m originally from South Africa, and I have one of those surnames that not many English speaking people can actually pronounce, so I have settled for a couple of different pronunciations and to be honest, say it however you like.

As you know now, I was born in South Africa, and no, we don’t have lions just walking around the streets, or have we?  You see, that is a question I have been asked a few times, and I always have to just laugh it off and put people right.  “No, we don’t!!”  However, have a look at this newspaper article.

I grew up in a small town called Kakamas, in the Northern Cape Province. When I left school, I got a job as an assistant farm manager on an export grape farm, just outside Kakamas. I really enjoyed it, and had a really nice boss, who eventually helped me out when I told him i will be emigrating to the UK.

I joined a couple of friends who came over a few months earlier, and crashed on their lounge sofa for a few weeks before getting my own little place in Newmarket, Suffolk.

My first job in the UK involved working at a private hospital for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours, called Beech House through an agency.  Beech House eventually employed me full time where I later became a senior Healthcare Assistant and gaining my NVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care part time at West Suffolk College.

During my time at Beech House I also started my own Direct Marketing business part time and eventually did it on a full time basis. Circumstances changed however and Itrained to be a plumber and did that for a while before eventually starting a full time job at March Property & Construction.  I did kitchen fitting for them for about a year before we went on and started our first new built house in Charlton, London.  Currently, April 2016, we are building a 5 bed house in Girton, Cambridge.

I reckon, that would be it for now though. You now know a bit of my background and will get to know me a bit better through the blog posts that I will be doing.

I am on a few social media networks, so feel free to have a look around.



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